1.  Prevention is the key!

Do not go alone to places where there is a greater chance of being attacked: poorly lit areas, high crime areas, etc. When walking around corners, do not stay close to the building so you could be surprised when you turn the corner. Stay with groups whenever possible.

2.  Predators look for targets that lack confidence.

Walk with your spine straight, look people in the eyes, and express confidence in your tone and energy level. And do things in your life that will raise your confidence, such as martial arts training.

3.  Predators look for targets that aren’t aware.

If you are using a cell phone, that reduces your awareness and tells predators that you are a potential target. Look at anyone that gets closer to you, and look them in the eye.Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, taking mind altering drugs and leaving ANY food or drink unattended where it may be tampered with is a recipe for disaster.

4.  Trust your intuition.

Most women that are attacked had a feeling that something bad was about to happen. If you feel something is wrong, quickly call 911 and give your location while being very aware of your surroundings. If you have anything that can be used as a weapon, get it handy but hidden, only to be used as a surprise if they get too close.

5.  To keep your self calm, practice deep diaphragmatic breathing.

To learn to control your emotions and breathing, learn meditation.

6.  If approached, do not engage the person interviewing you in conversation.

You can tell them “no” to their question, and tell them to step back. If they persist, continue to say no and begin raising your voice. They are trying to close the distance while talking to you while interviewing you to see if you are a good target that won’t fight back.

7.  85% of all women that fight back get away.

If attacked, fight! Wait for your moment to explode and escape. Use anything at hand to do damage to the attacker.

8.  Remember the best target areas: eyes, ears, throat, groin, knees.

The best target is the eyes. Attackers expect a woman to attack the groin, and striking the groin doesn’t stop an attacker when adrenaline is in their system. But no matter how large someone is, an eye poke will do damage! To learn how to attack these areas, get good self-defense training.

8.  If attacked, curse.

Some say yell “rape,” some “fire,” but the reality is sometimes onlookers think you are playing around. Cursing draws everyone’s attention and lets them know you are in trouble. If you want the police called, point to someone and make eye contact and tell them to call 911: “You in the blue shirt, this guy won’t leave me alone. Call 911!” If you don’t specify one person, no one may do it.

9.  If you’ve been attacked and are pinned on the ground, wait for your opportunity.

In order for him to hit you, or for a sexual assault to take place, he will have to let go of you somewhere.When he does, use your free arm to poke their eyes.

10.  Get training!

You will have more confidence, so you will be less likely to be attacked, and if you are attacked, you will have more skills to get free. If you do not regularly train self-defense, take refresher courses. Teach others what you learn and help empower others.

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