New Kaizen BJJ Shirt Designs!

We have 2 new BJJ Shirt Designs in a few different colors, and you can get them in a t-shirt, loose fitting moisture wick shirts, long sleeve, or hoodie!

Both designs are available in adult and child sizes.

Cost and Volume Discounts

The cost of each t-shirt is $25, $30 for long sleeves, $30 for moisture wick shirts , and $36 for hoodies.

You get a discount of 10% off the entire total if you order two, 15% off the entire total if you order three, and 20% off the entire total if you order three or more! We have sample colors and sizes at the dojo.   If you would like to place an order, we have order forms for you to fill out, and we will let everyone know when your items arrive. You also place your order at the school by giving Kristi a call.

Puzzle Design is available in black, grey, purple, and navy for t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies. Moisture wick shirts are available only in grey, navy, and black.

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Kaizen BJJ 2015 Design is available in several colors: black, grey, navy, red, and royal blue.  Any of these colors can be put on a moisture wick shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, or long sleeve (not all are shown below).

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