Kaizen’s New BJJ Black Belt

kaizen bjj

Carl Canfield has been a student of Ryan Fiorenzi for almost 20 years. They started training Jiu-Jitsu in the gym at Schoolcraft college in 1996, and after years of drilling, repetition, and rolling, Carl earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Ryan.

Carl was awarded his black belt in American Karate back in the 80s, and has never stopped training. He’s got an amazing work ethic, and has made a habit out of repping and reviewing a technique until he doesn’t have to think about it. Off the mat, he’s a great example of a martial artist. He’s loyal, honest, always willing to help others, and he lives a very clean lifestyle (doesn’t drink, use any drugs, and has a great diet.)

Carl’s the owner of Ideal Cleaning, a cleaning company that does office and commercial cleaning for business in southeastern Michigan.