Stranger Danger Statistics

Over 1 million children are abducted or abused every year! Did you know that there are organizations that want to lower the age of consensual sex?

  • North American Man Boy Love Association
  • Montreal Ganymede Collective
  • Pedophile Liberation Front
  • Free Spirits

There are individuals that share information and techniques with each other on how to lure children! What is the advice that most parents gives to their children? Don’t talk to strangers. This doesn’t work! Why? Because pedophiles are very good at getting a child’s guard down. They often establish rapport with a child before they try to abduct them. Telling them not to talk to strangers does not address the problem. And often times the attackers are neighbors, family, police, teachers, and even clergy.

The techniques pedophiles use are called lures. An example of this is a man walking up to your child and showing them a picture of his lost puppy, and asking your child to help him look. Here’s a list of pedophile lures/techniques:

  • “Can you help me?  My puppy/kitty is lost.”
  • “Can you mail this for me?”
  • “Can you show me where… is?”
  • Person with cast asks “Can you help me put these groceries in the car?”
  • They leave money or drugs on the floor, pedophile monitors for a child to pick it up so they can accuse them of having the drugs, then telling them that they won’t tell the police if they go with them.  If it is money, they say that they can go to a local store to get change to split the money.
  • “Would you like to ride in my new car?”
  • “Would you like to play with this toy?”
  • Person posing as a meter person wanting to get into the house.
  • Person posing as a doctor or a police officer: “Your mom has been hurt, I will take you to the hospital.”
  • “Can you mail this for me?”

Would your child help the distressed stranger?  Most children would not think of this person as a stranger but someone who needs help. What if a man with a leg cast on walked up to your child and asked the child to help him put his groceries in the car?


What does a predator look like?  Everyone visualizes a seedy looking person.  This is not true.  Did you know that Ted Bundy was a law student and a suicide prevention counselor?

The average pedophile molests 148 children. They do not discriminate based on sex, economic background, or race. It is impossible to keep pedophiles out of your neighborhood, away from your child’s school, away from libraries, grocery stores, or other public places.

These crimes occur everywhere. There are reports of attempted abductions in Westland, Plymouth, Canton, Northville- in every city in this area. A child has few tools they can use to physically defeat an adult attacker. The problem is terrible, but you can help fight it.  Get informed.  Get your child training to prevent contact with pedophiles.

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