Martial Arts vs. Sports for Children:

  • 90% or more of all coaches focus on winning as the #1 concern, not character development.
  • Coaches in general do not talk to their players about self discipline, respect, & self control every practice.
  • None of our kids sit on the bench or are chosen last because they are less athletic.
  • Martial arts isn’t seasonal.
  • Most children will be bullied at some point in their school. The confidence from having develop realistic self-defense abilities will help prevent bullying, help them to defend themselves, and after any kind of altercation they will be less affected by the stress of the situation.
  • Sports do not teach stranger danger.
  • We teach and try to instill a black belt attitude in your child, leading to black belt grades and black belt success in life!

Sports can be very good for children, but children that lack athleticism and confidence often do not do well in team activities. If you are interested in your child developing more confidence, respect, and discipline, while having fun and getting in better shape, AND learning self -defense, take the following steps:

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2.  Choose which class you would like your child to try for free.

3.  You’re scheduled!  Show up a few minutes before class, have your child wear something comfortable, and be ready for them to try something that may change their life!

After their trial class, we will go over pricing, schedules, and other program details in detail.

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