A Child BJJ Student’s 15 Minute Transformation

Written by Ryan Fiorenzi on . Posted in Children’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Plymouth

At our most recent BJJ & Martial Arts belt testing, we saw something incredible, and I just found out that we have the photos of the “before” and “after.”

There is a student in the Little Warriors named Luke.  He has been in the 4-5 year old BJJ & Martial Arts class at Kaizen BJJ Plymouth for a little while.

Not too long ago, we had a belt testing, and we made it an event.  We took the aerobic kickboxing bags off of the mat, set up a table and chairs, and we had a photographer and videographer- we made it a big deal.

Luke’s parents told me that he doesn’t like change.  To start the test, he didn’t want to go on the mat.  I was the one who called all the students to line up, and he had never been in any of my classes before.

He cried for the first 10-15 minutes of the test.  Sensei Dana, who is one of the Little Warrior’s Children’s Instructors, talked to him one on one about courage:


Amazingly, a few minutes later he told Sensei Dana that he wanted to roll with me! I’m really glad that our one of the photographers caught the beginning of the match!


What an amazing transformation in such a short time! From tears to hard training with someone he didn’t know, and who is 6 times his size! Luke proved again that martial arts training is more than self defense, it’s a tool for character development.